Setting Up eXistdb, WebDAV, and oXygen: Notes for 2/10/14

09 Feb 2014 by Dave Michelson

At the beginning of class this week we will take time to set up the basic software tools needed to begin building your own XML database. In preparation for this, please do the following:

  1. Bring your laptop.
  2. Have already installed oXygen Editor-Academic License.
  3. Download the eXist-db .jar file before class so as to save time and bandwidth. Information about it is here: (Note this page provides a link to take you to for the latest version of eXist-db)
  4. If you want to try and install eXist on your own please see the instructions below, if you prefer to wait we will do it together in class.

Links for in-class use (feel free to browse to prepare):

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