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Topics in Digital Humanities

Introduction to Digital Text Editing and Analysis

"Material omitted from the body of a text, and appended as a supplement."

"Parlipomena" in the Oxford English Dictionary


This course provides an introduction to the theory and methods of the digital humanities from the disciplinary perspectives of history and religious studies. The course is designed for graduate students of history, religion, historical theology or classics who would like to acquire research skills in the techniques of digital text editiing and analysis. Students will learn the fundamentals of digital text editing and the computational analysis of digital corpora. Students will also engage with theorectical questions concerning the nature of texts and the challenge of representing the past through new media. By the conclusion of the course, students will have built a working propotype of a digital database specific to their research needs.

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Guidelines for Future Implementation Plan

Future Implementation Plan (10% of final grade, due 4/28) Each student will compose a 1500-word statement detailing how they will integrate what they have learned in this course into their future academic or vocational development. This implementation plan should include a discussion of both short term steps and longer-term goals. It may take the form of an evaluative reflection on the student's final project. Students are encouraged to use the following guidelines in their preparation:...... read more

Please join us for the final student presentations!

The Vanderbilt University community is invited to join our course on Monday, April 21 for public presentations of student research using XML and XQuery. The ten-minute presentations will run from 2:10-3:00 p.m. and be held in Furman 003 (Center for Second Language Studies). The presentations are open the university community. "Indivisible Content and Form: A Prototype of Image Citation in the Projects," Tucker Hannah "Finding Colophons in Exploring the TEI Encoding Model," Justin...... read more

Guidelines for Public Presentations

Dear Students, Please find at this link the guidlines for your public presentations. We look forward to a lively discussion of the final projects. Best, DM ... read more

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