Guidelines for Future Implementation Plan

21 Apr 2014 by Dave Michelson

Future Implementation Plan (10% of final grade, due 4/28)

Each student will compose a 1500-word statement detailing how they will integrate what they have learned in this course into their future academic or vocational development. This implementation plan should include a discussion of both short term steps and longer-term goals. It may take the form of an evaluative reflection on the student's final project.

Students are encouraged to use the following guidelines in their preparation:

  1. Learning History:

    Please describe a specific example of how your learning in this class has benefitted your educational or research goals thus far.

  2. Future Goals

    Please identify one or more future goals toward which you intend to apply what you have learned in this course.

  3. Developing Expertise

    Please identify one or more areas of expertise introduced in this class that you plan to develop further.

  4. Plan

    Including specific dates, what steps will you take to develop these skills and make progress toward your goals? Please include a hierarchy indicating incremental steps that may be necessary.

  5. Assessment

    Please describe briefly and specifically how you will assess the success of this implementation plan.

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