Changes to Syllabus for 3/17

16 Mar 2014 by Dave Michelson

Dear Students,

After reviewing the syllabus, we are going to defer this week's discussion of recursion to later in the semester (if you have already done the readings, no worries we will come back to them).

Instead, our plan for tomorrow will be a bit of a catch and regroup week as follows:

  1. As assigned in class last week, please come prepared with a list of three specific questions or transformations for your data for which you would like to write formal xqueries for. We will break into groups and try to write as many as we can. This will be the bulk of time.

  2. We will also try to catch up on the following items from previous weeks that did not get enough attention, so please dust off your memory:

    a. We will discuss Stephen Ramsay, Reading Machines: Toward an Algorithmic Criticism. (If you did not yest read Ramsay, I would suggest just browsing chapter 3 ("Potential Readings") or 4 ("The Turing Text").

    b. We will introduce Git and Github and go over some tricks of using Oxygen. You need not read them now, but we will cover these links from Week 5:

We hope you won't mind our defering learning some new code in favor of a review and catch up session even with such last minute notice.

See you tomorrow.


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